20 september 2016: Protzen Open Air

Cliteater is happy to anounce that we play on Protzen open air again in June 2017! Looking forward to hit the stage again!

13 june 2016: Legion Of The Damned tour

Hellyeah, in Octobre this year we are gonna do some very rare Dutch shows together with our long time friends and buddies of Legion of the damned. Really looking forward to grind and thrash em all! Also supported by the brutal ladies of Sisters of suffocation! Don,t mis this!

16 march 2016: Back from tour!

Cheers all, we are safe back from a awesome tour togeter with Waco Jesus, A Threat To The Enemy, Krotchripper, Verderver and Monkeysoop. It was a hell off a great ride and we want to thanl all of those who were involved and visited our shows!

28 january 2016: Studio Report

Here is our studio reportwe made during the recordings of From Enslavement To Clitoration. A 10 minute long, high quality documentary of 5 talented musicians in their favorite habitat: Soundlodge Studio in Germany. It's called 'A Rare Look Into The Lives Of Professional Metal Musicians'. View, enjoy, like and share it here:

4 january 2016: Happy new year!

Cheerz all, we wanna wish you all a happy new year and we hope we can count again on your support! It's gonna be a busy year for us with the release of our new album "From Enslavement To Clitoration" in April and a 16 day Europe tour in February/March and a small UK tour in October. Besides that the lots of shows are booked yet so we really looking forward to see you all on the road again!

22 december 2015: European Tour

Proud and very stoked we can tell you we gonna hit Europe again in February/March 2016 together with Waco Jesus, A Treath To The Enemy, Helmsplitter and Krotchripper! The booked dates are already:

26 Feb. 2016 Helvete Club, Oberhausen (DE)
27 Feb. 2016 Kulturfabrik, Lyss (CH)
28 Feb. 2016 Schwarzer Adler, Tannheim (DE)
29 Feb. 2016 Escape Metalcorner, Vienna (AT)
1 Mar. 2016 Klub Gromka, Lubljana (SI)
2 Mar. 2016 Barrak Music Club, Ostrava (CZ)
3 Mar. 2016 Get in touch!
4 Mar. 2016 Skullcrusher Club, Dresden (DE)
5 Mar. 2016 AJZ Bahndam, Wermelskirchen (DE)
6 Mar. 2016 DB's, Utrecht (NL)
7 Mar. 2016 Day off
8 Mar. 2016 Het Bos, Antwerp (BE)
9 Mar. 2016 Get in touch!
10 Mar. 2016 Get in touch!
11 Mar. 2016 OJC Walhalla, Sevenum (NL)
12 Mar. 2016 Café Central, Weinheim (DE)

There are still some open spots! Feel free to share this and if someone can help us to fill these spots contact! Thanks in advance!

10 november 2015: UK Tour

We are happy to hit the UK again for a mini tour in 2016!!

9 september 2015: Summerfestival season is over

We had a great time on the fests we played. In less then 2 weeks we will hit Berlin on the great Swamp fest in in the meantime we are rehearsing our asses off to create new tunes for the upcomming album "From enslavement to clitoration" More news about upcomming shows and tours soon... grind!

3 august 2015: Party San

Cheers all, we are very excited to play Party San next week. We play on friday 7th at 12:00 and signing session is at the Legacy tent around 13:00! See you there!

23 march 2015: New bassplayer

From now on Jordy will be our new bassplayer and will grind stages everywhere with us! First show will be at Metalcon festival on may 23th! Welcome to the club man!!

25 february 2015: Sad news!

We have some very sad news from the Clitfront: After almost 15 years of grinding in Cliteater, our bass player and forming member Vedran has decided to quit with the band. For us it came as a big shock but of course we respect his decision. Here is his personal statement:

“It is never easy to make a decision like this, but after almost 15 years it’s time for me to leave the clitboys. All things come to an end. When Ivan and I started out with the Cliteater ‘project’ back then, I never expected that all these great things would happen like they did over the past years. I really had a blast doing great shows, being on the road, recording albums and meeting new friends. I would like to thank my Bermuda-triangle buddies Ivan & Joost and all current and past members of the clitclan: Erno, Marten, Guus the sound engineer, Robbie, Clemens, Maurice, Alex and Susan! Also thanks to all the bands we played with in the past, all the people I met during our shows and my wife who supported me through these years of Clithood! Cheers and see you somewhere in the future!”

Words can’t describe how much we wanna thank Vedran for his loyalty to the band for the past 15 years and we are glad was he was one of the guys who did this with us for such a long and great time!! It was a great honor to share this all with him! Many respect Bap!

Vedran will play his last show with us on March 14th in Simplon/ Groningen. Be there and share some beers with him and us!

Also some good news: We found a new bassplayer Jordy, who will join us on stage, tour, studio, the bar, frietkroam etc, so don’t worry, the clit train will go on and on and more news about upcoming summer festivals, new record and a Europe tour later! GRIND!

5 february 2015: Party San Open Air!

Great news from the clitfront: We will play again on this years edition of Party San open air!! Hope to see you all there!

10 december 2014: Heavy christmas!

Cheers all, we played our last gig of the year in Aalen Germany and gonna prepare ourselves for a cool 2015! Stay tuned for more news!

29 july 2014: Brutal Fest cancelled

After some days full of rumours about Brutal fest in Belgium on august 30, and cancelations of Vader, Aborted, Aeon, TMDC we just got a email from the promoter that this festival is canceled because of his medical condition. Fact is that we got warned months ago that this same promoter was not professional and also a fact is that the venue where this fest would take place didn´t know anything about this festival. This is really a shame and very bad for the people who bought early bird tickets and we hope they will get there money back and this promoter will get punished for this criminal behaviour.

2 april 2014: A little update

Cheerz all, after some months of not playing we played again our first 2 shows with our drummer Martin and those shows where a blast!! Also some cool news is that after a decade we finally own our own music rights back of the "Clit Em All" and "Eat Clit Or Die" albums which means we are going to search for a label to re-release them and hopefully we got them finally in stock again! More news later!

16 february 2014: New drummer

Great news from the Clitfront!! In Marten van Kruijssen (Houwitser, Korpse, session drummer Beheaded) we found the perfect new drummer for Cliteater! After some weeks of searching he was the best man who can do the drumjob and we wanna welcome him with both arms to join the Clitclan!! First gig you can see him behind the kit will be on March 21st in Little Devil Tilburg! Grind!

16 january 2014: Sad news

Very sad news from the Clitfront. After 3 years Clemens had decided to part ways with Cliteater. We are going to miss the king of bad taste and his music in the bus while wearing croccs and a propeller hat on stage!! We had a great time together my friend and thankls for all the work for the band! You rule!!

Here are some famous last words of Clemens:

After three crazy years and 60 gigs I simply noticed that I lacked the motivation to give 100% for Cliteater.
My personal highlights with Cliteater were:
- touring in 2011 and 2013
- recording "Cliteaten back to life" (2012)
- the gigs at Party-San (2011), Meh-Suff! (2012), Pentagramfest (2013) and Summerbreeze (2013).\

Special thanx to:
Ivan, Robbie, Joost, Vedran, Erno, Mieze, War Anthem, Cudgel, Guus, Luc, Baard, Nicolas, Dima, Steffen, Jörg, Rompeprop, Anal Grind, Prostitute Disfigurement, Jesus Cröst and all the others I played and hung out with!!!

Clemens will play his last gig with us on Feb 28th in Amstelveen/ P60. So be there and wear all your croccs!!

Right now we are in search for a new drummer. Feel free to contact us at for more details!

1 january 2014: Deathfeast

Cliteater wanna wish you all a happy and grinding 2014 and hope to see you all again at our shows to share some brews together! Besides that we are confirmed for this years Deathfeast and we are really looking forward to play there again! More news later!

20 december 2013: Heavy Christmass!

Cliteater want to wish you all a heavy Christmass and a thirsty newyear. We wanna thank you for the support of us in 2013 and we hope we will see you all back in 2014! Respect!

24 november 2013: Back from Russia

We safely came back from Rusia and it was a blast. We wanna thx everyone who was involved in this tour!! The show next week on nov 9th in cancelled by the organisation sadly. More news later!

25 september 2013: Russian tour update!

Cheerz all, the flight are booked and the instruments are allready packed! Just one day and we will hit our first Russian tour!! See you there and drink some beers with us! Really looking forward to this... grind!

15 july 2013: Russian tour!

Cliteater will hit Russia in autumn this year for a 10 day tour! More news and dates later!

27 may 2013: Extremefest!

Cheers all, we survived Extremefest and much respect for those who stayed and beat the rain and freezing coldness to share some beers with us and had a great time!! Thx for all who showed up. Last but not least we will proudly announce that Erno Noorlander will be our new 2nd guitarplayer so we wanna wish him a warm welcome in the band! More news later!

10 may 2013: Sad news

Unfortunately we have some sad news to announce, after some careful consideration, Robbie has decided he can no longer be part of Cliteater. We both are very proud of the things we achieved together,and wish him all the best for the future. He will be replaced by Erno Noorlander for the summerfests.

24 april 2013: Neurotic Deathfest

Cheerz Folks, just one week before Neurotic Deathfest we are proud to announce we will be part of it so see you all there!

25 march 2013: News

We wanna thx everone who showed up at our release show and also the band who partied with us to celebrate the new album! Also our new merch is ready, feel free to order this via

18 march 2013: Update

Cheerz all, the new cd is out for a week and goes very well. The reviews are very positive and we looking forward to the official release show in Maasbree! See you there!

25 february 2013: New album available now!

cheers all, the new cd cCliteaten Back To Life is from now on available! Order your copy now and send a email to for prices and sending info! Thx!!

29 january 2013: Promo video online

We just released a promo video of our new upcomming album Cliteaten Back To Life! Enjoy!

19 january 2013: Sad news from the Clitfront

The planned Mexico trip has been cancelled. The promoter did not kept his promises and just one week before take over he told us for the 2nd time in 6 months it was not possible to bring us to Mexico. We feel very sorry for this again but it's not our fault and we sure hope once will be a time we can hit for sure the land of Tequila and Corona to grind our asses off!!! Will be continued!

2 january 2013: Cheers!

Cheerz all, we wanna wish everyone a very heavy, healty and brutal 2013! See you on the road!

24 december 2012: 2012 so far!

We wanna thx everyone who supported us the last year in any way!! We wish you all a heavy Christmass and a heavy new year and hope to see you again on the road somewhere!! 2013 will be a excited year with 2 tours, new cd release and many cool summerfests so stay tuned!

14 december 2012: Album release party

Last weekend we played some really cool shows in Burscheid en Distortionfest in Eindhoven! Was a honor to play with acts like Fear factory, Devin Townsend, Opeth, Death Angel and many more cool bands. Also we did a photo shoot for the upcoming album Cliteaten Back To Life which will be released on March 8th by War Anthem records. On March 23th we will celebrate this fact with a release show in the Maf centrum, Maasbree. longtime and well known friends of Collison, Rompeprop and Snaggletooth will also join this cool party. More news later about the new album!

13 november 2012: Studio update

After 10 days of hard work and some booze we proudly can say Cliteaten Back To Life is recorded! Jorg Uken did a great job in the soundlodge studio and we had also a fun meeting with gerben Mol of Wings of Death zine who taped some fun stuff whille drinking some beers. At least we wanna thx the guest grunters from Prostitute disfigurement, Rompeprop, Serial butcher, Depth of Nature Putrid inbred and Marc macabre! U did a great job!! More news about the release and release show later!

26 oktober 2012: Cliteaten Back To Life!

Luisma Haemorrage has finished the new front cover of our new album Cliteaten Back To Life and in just one week we will hit the Soundlodge studio together with Jorg Uken to record the new album that will be the most rockin album we ever did before. Also great news is that we are booked for a kickass festival which we can announce in december so stay tuned and loyal to the clits! Studio report with pictures and short films will be online after we finished the recordings! Cheers!

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